Usage Guidelines

Infusionsoft understands that API implementation varies from business to business; generally speaking, sustaining anything above one API call per second indicates a severe problem and potentially impacts system performance.

Proper API implementation typically should be well under this threshold. Infusionsoft understands that during peak sales/activity times, usage can spike; however, when it is continuous it indicates a problem.


Restricted Uses of the API

Your use of the API may be limited due to any of these activities:

  • Do not use the API for continuous or overtly frequent data synchronization or export
  • Do not use the API in infinite loops
  • Do not use the API without proper error handling
  • Do not use the API for unfiltered searches/queries



Tips to optimize your access to the Infusionsoft API:

  • Use sound programming practices such as error checking and validation
  • Incorporate efficient resource consumption and performance considerations in your design
  • Consider caching/storing queries over a period of time for repeated access
  • Review the documentation or interact in the community to determine if there is a more efficient method to use the API for your business needs


Infusionsoft periodically monitors API activity/volume to improve system performance and reliability for all users. If you receive notification that you are currently exceeding the API call threshold, changes will need to be made within 30 days, or further action may be taken, including disabled access to the Infusionsoft API.

If you need assistance with modifying your API implementation, please refer to our Marketplace. On there, it lists API developers who may be able to help manage your API usage. Alternatively, you may voluntarily cease your access to the API with no further action.