One of the hidden gems in the Infusionsoft suite of software is the API. The Infusionsoft API enables third-party applications to communicate with Infusionsoft and process, update, and destroy data for a wide variety of uses. You can do things like manage contacts, place orders, send messages, and most other things available for use in the Infusionsoft software. The Infusionsoft API uses XML implemented as encoded XML-RPC as its communication method for both sending and receiving requests. We'll discuss more about making requests to the Infusionsoft API in later sections.

Helper Libraries

Infusionsoft officially supports the PHP library we created in-house. In addition, there are a number of third party helper libraries created by members of the community that may be useful to you. Many of these libraries are open source, so we encourage you to get into contact with their creators if you find bugs or have ideas for feature requests.

Additional Languages

Additionally, we have created a number of sample files that implement the Infusionsoft API in many languages, including ASP, .Net, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby. You can try those out for yourself by downloading all samples on Github (zip, 2.5mb)

If you're interested in implementing the API in a custom application, or a language not shown above, we have created documentation to help you create the raw XML calls, and understand the XML replies. In this way Infusionsoft API is language agnostic and can tie in with whatever language you'd like to use.